Snorkoling, Beach day

Sunday, 4th August, 2019, Snorkeling, beach day.  

Sunday last day of the week, ready to start the day with some, nice morning sun.

Today Sunday we had the opportunity to go to Flamingo Beach and have a great time on the water.  The water was really clear was blue and the sun was strong and really hot, we got a little sun burned. The waves where a normal size really safe to swim. After the walk to the beach we went to eat lunch in front of the marine we had some great and hamburgers with the view of the ocean. After we ate we went back to the CPI, we had around 30 minutes to be Around the pool.  Than we got ready and dry to get snorkeling we went we aqua center on a boat we saw different species of fish, and other species. After the tour was done we saw the sun go done, and got pick up on la Marine and went back go with over family Tica


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