Where can I find Spanish classes in the summer?
Costa rica / 10 May 20243 minutes

Summer vacation is a great time to explore the globe and learn Spanish in a short time! But how do you find the best country to study abroad and the best Spanish immersion programs?

Costa Rica is known to be one of the top countries for Spanish study thanks to: the quality of Spanish spoken, safety, bio-diversity and close proximity to North America.

Spanish immersion programs with room and board included offer study abroad programs for as short as two weeks (but also up to various months).

Important considerations when investigating Spanish immersion options are:  

Established in 1991, with a maximum class size of 4 students, catering to 10 linguistic levels as established by ACTFL, with CPI Spanish immersion in Costa Rica the answer to all the above is YES!  LIVE CHAT with our Admission’s office for more information.

It is not too late to sign up for Spanish classes for this summer!

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